Friends & Events


Shawn at the "Breast Cancer Awareness Night" fundraising event with the band Melange.         Shawn and Donna's boutique at the Breast  
        Cancer  Awareness Luncheon, Ritz Carlton,      
        Sarasota, FL.
   Shawn's oncologist Dr. John Marino accepts
    a framed scarf for his office.

"Breast Cancer Awareness Night" A recent Melange Dinner-dance fundraiser
 Libby Pataki offers her encouragement at a local 
   breast cancer fundraiser.
Dr. Ruth Vitaglione and clinical biologist
 Stuart Horton, also at the 1670 House

Madeline Schlaefer and her  two daughters
 Elizabeth and Allison at the 1670 House 
                                   Men in Pink                      Shawn and Gertrude


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