My Art Gallery

Welcome to my Art Gallery. I hope you enjoy my diverse style, one being "Local Scenes" of the North Fork of Long Island N.Y. where I reside portraying the beautiful East End.
     And a new group I'm working on from the west coast of south Florida.

The other is deeper, more personal artwork. Inspirational and a true labor of love called "My Spirited Side". It touches my heart and life experiences bringing a strong message
     through clear symbolism that evokes the Spirit. Some of these are dimensional and a fresco on canvas.

All Artwork is available as Giclees, which are reproductions of the Artist's Original Art, acrylic on canvas then embellished by artist to create each special piece.
     The Giclees are all signed and numbered as a limited edition with certificate of authenticity and history of title. They are available in custom sizes, please specify if other than regular.

Local Scenes


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                                My Spirited Side

North Fork Blues

Clavicle Jane


T1950's Chevy in December in Cutchogue, L.I. N.Y.
24 x 30 acrylic on canvas giclee'
$395  plus shipping and handling


Breast Cancer has no boundaries, it can  happen to me,
           it can happen to you.  3 panels 16 x 20 triplex giclee' on canvas
   $550 plus shipping and handling

"Purple Haze" 







     Detection in time

A serene day on Corey Creek, Southold L.I. New York
20 x 24 acrylic on canvas giclee'
$325 plus shipping and handling

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Original Clock Logo depicting Early Detection, 34 x 34,
acrylic on canvas giclee'    - Poster Available -
$475 plus shipping and handling

Welcome Home


















Welcome Home
The old door of the North Fork spiced with crabapples, boxwood and magnolia leaves. 20"x 24' acrylic on canvas.
     $395 plus shipping and handling       

This young woman is cured, due to early detection.
She is serene and hopeful as the chemo and radiation leave her body. 30 x 40 dimensional relief work, giclee' in canvas
$1200 plus shipping and handling



Plum Island Porgies on Fiestaware with chicken tails
22 x 28 acrylic on canvas giclee'
$450 plus shipping and handling


Miffed is a British Debutante'
22 x 28 acrylic on canvas giclee'
$475 plus shipping and handling












Pelican Lovers
24 x 30 acrylic on canvas giclee'
$450 plus shipping and handling



Peconic Bay Blue Claws




Tasty morsels of the North Fork
22"x28"  giclee' acrylic on canvas.  




  If there are any questions or problems with this shop, please email me at   
Artist and Breast cancer survivor


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